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Alfred Nobel University

Alfred Nobel University is one of the leading private educational institutions of the IV level of accreditation in Ukraine. It is committed to enhancing innovative technologies  in teaching and it helps to strengthen the country’s position in the international arena, which is reflected in its mission.

Alfred Nobel University was founded in 1993 as a private higher education institution with a focus on Management and Economics. Until the year 2010, it was known as «University of Economics and Law, Dnipropetrovs’k». From the start, it has been the central mission of UAN to meet the demands of the Ukrainian labour market – especially small and medium-sized enterprises – for qualified personnel with a background in Management, Economics and Law and additional skills required in a competitive – and possibly multinational – business environment. Since its foundation, the university has continuously expanded its portfolio of study programmes: currently, various Bachelor and Master programmes are on offer, including an MBA programme for professionals, as well as a smaller number of doctoral and postdoctoral programmes.

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